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U školi "Menhetn" veliki akcenat se stavlja na izučavanje poslovnog engleskog jezika. U tu svrhu obezbeđene su posebne knjige i testovi koji obuhvataju praktično celokupnu oblast engleskog poslovnog jezika od klasičnih poslovnih pisama do idioma jezika i uvežbavanja govorne poslovne komunikacije. Ovde su navedeni primeri poslovnih pisama i ključni idiomi.

Thinking about your reader
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  • What kind of impression does each letter give the reader?

Business Letter


44 Emerald Drive, Shannon Technology Park, Cork CO6 9TS, Republic of Ireland.

Mme Susanne Dufrais,
Les Gourmets du Poitou S.A.,
33, rue Mirabeau,
44000 Poitiers, France
18 January 20_ Dear Madam,

Your request for our catalogue and price list
     As requested, we enclose for your attention our price list and catalogue. I should like to take this opportunity of drawing your attention to the fact that all our products are manufactured from completely natural ingredients and that we do not utilize any artificial additives whatsoever.
     There are 213 different items in the catalogue and our prices are reasonable and our quality is good. This is the first time that we have included Scratch'n'Sniff™ samples of our ten most popular aromas.
    Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. If the undersigned is unavailable, the Sales Manager's personal assistant will be delighted to assist you.

We look forward to receiving your esteemed order in due course.

Yours faithfully,

J.G. O'Reilly, Sales Manager

Telex: 449801 Telephone: 021 23 45 9 cables:

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Business Letter - Requesting Information

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Poslovna pisma

Letter of Credit

Kreditno pismo

Letter of Interest

Poslovna pisma - uzorci

Poslovno pismo - tip: UGOVOR


Address goes here

THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this ___ day
of_____________, 20______, by and between
______________the Seller,
and _________, the Buyer:

1. The seller hereby undertakes to transfer and deliver
     to the buyer on or before __________, 20____, the
     following described goods:

2. The buyer hereby undertakes to accept the goods and
     pay for them in accordance with the terms of the      contract.
3. It is agreed that identification shall not be deemed
     to have been made until both the buyer and the seller
     have agreed that the goods in question are to be
     appropriated to the performance of the contract
     with the buyer.
4. The buyer shall make payment for the goods at the time      when and at the place where the goods are received
     by him.
5. Goods shall be deemed received by the buyer when
    received by him at.
6. The risk of loss from any casualty to the goods
     regardless of the cause thereof shall be on the seller
     until the goods have been accepted by the buyer.
7. The seller warrants that the goods are now free and
     at the time of delivery shall be free from any security
     interest or other lien or encumbrance.
8. The seller further warrants that at the time of
     signing this contract he neither knows nor has reason
     to know of the existence of any outstanding title or
     claim of title hostile to his rights in the goods.
9. The buyer shall have the right to examine the goods
     on arrival, and within business days after such delivery
     he must give notice to the seller of any claim for
     damages on account of the condition, quality, or grade
     of the property, and must specify the basis of his claim
     in detail. The failure of the buyer to comply with these      rules shall constitute irrevocable acceptance of the
10. Executed in duplicate, one copy of which was
     delivered to and retained by the buyer, the day and
     year first above written.


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Kreditno pismo