U donjem tekstu popunite prazno polje odgovarajućom reči, ili ako je glagol u zagradi stavite ga u odgovarajući vremenski oblik.       Primer:   I came (come) to York to learn English.

Dear Julie

I (arrive) in England three days .
I (stay) in a village near York. They're really nice. Mr Jones (work) in York. Mrs Jones has just had a baby, so she (not work) at the moment. I (not ask) her what she does yet, but I (think) she's secretary. I (have) a good time here, everything is very expensive. Yesterday I (take) the train York to do some sightseeing. Something realy embarrassing happened I was there. After I (visit) the Viking museum, I (decide) to do some shopping. Earlier in the day, I (see) a beautiful sweater in a department store, so I (go) back (buy) it. The shop assistant (put) it into a bag when I realized that I (forget) my purse with my credit cards! So, unfortunately, I couldn't buy after all.
Anyway, after that I went to York Minster. I have seen such a beautiful cathedrall It built between 1220 and 1470. In 1984 it struck by lightning during a storm, and there was a terrible fire. But they've rebuilt it since then. While I (walk) back to the station I (meet) Frank. Do you remember him? I haven't heard from him over a year. When we last (see) him, he (work) in a bank. Now he (learn) English here at the same school as me! What a coincidence! Last night we went to cinema together and saw a horror film. Frank was terrified, but I enjoyed it!
That's about all the news for now. Write soon and tell me about your holiday in Portugal! What was Lisbon ?

     Test 2

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Primer: What time did you get up this morning?

1. What you doing when the phone rang?
2. you ever read any Agatha Christie?
3. I'm sorry, I can't drive you to the station because my car being serviced.
4. How long she been learning English?
5. In France they say 'Bon apetit'. But in Britain people usually say anything before they start their meal.
6. you go to work yesterday?
7. 'Where BMW cars made?' 'In Germany.'
8. I watch the film last night. Was it good?

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