Galileo je rođen u Italiji 1564 god. u gradu Pisa. Ovaj grad je na severu Italije kod mora. Otac mu je držao malu radnju. Imao je još dva mlađa brata i četiri sestre. Bio je najstarije dete u porodici.

1572 god. otac ga je poslao u školu.

Otac mu je rekao:

- Imaš osam godina i vreme je da pođeš u   školu

You're eight years old now and it's time to go to school...

- Ti si pametan dečak

You're a clever boy...

- Uči dobro sine i nemoj gubiti vreme!

Work hard at school my son and don't waste your time.

- Ako budeš učio dobro tvoj učitelj će ti   pomoći

If you work well, your teacher will help you.

- Kad budeš imao 13 godina poslaću te u   bolju školu.

When you're thirteen I'll send you to a better school.

Galileo Galilei

Jednostavan tekst za učenike i početnike

Galileo Galilei was born in Italy in the year 1564. His father had a small business in the city of Pisa. This city is in the north of Italy near the sea.
He had two brothers and four sisters, but they were born after him. He was the oldest child in the family.
In 1572 his father sent him to school. "You're eight years old now", he sad, "and you're clever boy. Work hard at school and don't waste your time. If you work well, your teacher will help you. Perhaps you'll be a doctor one day."

Galileo was certainly the cleverest pupil in his class, so his teacher was pleased with him. He was clever with his hands too. He liked to draw and paint pictures. He liked to play music.
At night he sat outside and watched the stars. His young head was full of strange ideas. His friends laughed at him. "Galileo is dreaming again," they said. They were wrong, of course. His thoughts were far, but he was not dreaming. He was trying to explain things to himself.
Does our world look like the moon? Are the stars nearer than the sun? His teacher could not answer questions like these.
"When you're thirteen", said his father, "I'll send you to a better school. There is a famous school at Vallombrosa near Florence. The teachers there are very clever, so they will be able to answer your questions."
Galileo family left Pisa and made a new home in Florence.

Newton, Kepler, Galileo

Ova tri naučnika su objasnili kako se kreću planete oko sunca?


"How do planets move? Kepler has told us. They go round the sun, and every planet follows its own line called the orbit. A planet's orbit never changes, but it is not a true circle. The orbit's shape is like an egg."



"We also know two things about their speed. First, every planet moves at a different speed. Second, every planet will change its speed when it passes near a fellow planet"



Kepler je objasnio orbitu planeta. Njutn je objasnio promenu brzine rotacije

Every planet has its own force of gravity. So every planet will try to pull its fellows, if they come near enough. For example, Mercury goes round the sun in 88 dana, and Venus goes round in 224 days. So Mercury must catch up Venus and pass her."

Njutn je posmatrao orbite Venere i Merkura i zapazio dve stvari

"While Mercury was catching up Venus, their speed changed, His grew faster and hers grew slower. After Mercury passed Venus, their speeds changed again. His grew slower, and hers grew faster.
What was happening? The planet in front was always pulling forward, and the planet behind was always pulling back."

rotacija planeta


"We often see Venus and Mercury near the sun, in the evening or early morning. Also we can see clearly that they go round the sun. The telescope shows us that they change their shape, like the moon. When they're on this side of the sun, their shape won't be round. Why? Because the sun only shines on their faces, and we are behind their backs".

"When they are on the far side of the sun, they'll be round. But they'll also be smaller, because they are much farther. Venus is the nearest planet, so it also gives the brightest light."

One planet gave Galileo a lot of trouble. It was Saturn. In July 1610 he saw two large moons beside it. Next year they were much smaller. In 1612 there was not any sign of them. In 1613 they appeared again. In 1616 they almost formed a circle round it. Then they bagan to get smaller again.

"I need a stronger telescope", said Galileo

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